New York Benefits for Educators and Students Trust (NYBEST)

Voluntary Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

NYSASBO has partnered with NYBEST to offer Voluntary Dental and Vision Insurance Plans to our members in response to two separate surveys that identified 28% of our members do not have employer sponsored dental or vision insurance plans.

Dental Insurance provided by MetLife offers the following:

  • Individual, guaranteed-issue dental policy.
  • Access to MetLife’s network of dentists and significant discounts.
  • Choice of High/Medium/Low PPO plan options to meet your needs.
  • Direct billing, with credit card option, for easy payments.
  • No referral needed for specialty care.
  • Excellent option for anyone without access to a group plan, as well as terminated or retired employees.

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Vision Insurance provided by VSP Vision Care offers the following:

  • Comprehensive coverage through VSP Vision Care.
  • Coverage for Annual Vision Exam.
  • Coverage for Frames, Lenses, and Contact Lenses.
  • Discounts on sunglasses and laser vision correction.
  • In and out of Network Coverage.

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Enrollment begins July 1, 2016 for effective date of August 1, 2016.


FAQ on Voluntary Dental and Vision Benefits 

What are the premium costs for the Dental and Vision programs?

  • The dental program is offered through MetLife and the cost depends on the plan chosen, the number of people enrolled (single or family) and the home address ZIP CODE of the enrollee.  Send an email to with your zip code to get the options for you.

  • The vision program is offered through VSP Vision Care.  The current monthly cost for NYSASBO enrollees is as follows:

    • Participant: $14.51
    • Participant plus 1: $24.60
    • Participant plus 2 or more: $37.74

Often, if there is a group of staff members in a district seeking benefits, a better program may be available through a Voluntary Dental or Vision program.   A representative from NYBEST will be in touch to see if this is a better solution for your coverage.

Who is eligible for enrollment in the NYSASBO program?

As long as the district has one active member or is an institutional member of NYSASBO, any current or retired staff member is eligible for both the Dental and Vision plans.

Can the Dental Plan be used in conjunction with a current employer-offered dental plan?

Yes, MetLife’s plan is Individual coverage but may be used in conjunction with an employer-provided Group dental plan.  MetLife’s plan will always pay primary.  Claim forms generally ask about other coverage so both plans will know that other dental coverage exists.  You should check with the employer-provided Group dental plan, however, to see if they will pay secondary after MetLife’s Individual plan pays primary.        

When does the coverage become effective when I enroll in the program?

  • Dental: Must enroll by 20th in order to start coverage on the next 1st
  • Vision: Must enroll by 21st in order to start coverage on the next 1st

Is there a minimum duration for commitment for either policy required?

  • For dental coverage, there is no minimum duration required; however, some coverages are not effective until after a minimum amount of months. Look carefully at the program policy details to learn more.

  • For vision coverage, there is no minimum duration required and all coverage is effective immediately.  Look carefully at the program policy details to learn more.