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State Budget Update

Governor Cuomo announced a state budget agreement last night, March 31, 2016. The Senate has voted on the Aid to Localities bill (S6403-D/A9003-D) and Education, Housing, Labor, and Family Assistance (ELFA) bill (S6406-C/A9006-C), which the Assembly will vote on shortly.  School aid runs are available here.

The budget provides for a 5.9 percent, $1.35 billion increase in state aid to school districts for school year 2016-17, not including grants.  The budget included the following statewide results:

  • Foundation Aid increased $627 million, and the bill requires certain districts to set aside $100,000,000 as community schools aid in amounts reported on computer runs in support of the 2016-17 executive budget BT161-7. These amounts were used to calculate districts’ Foundation Aid amounts.  (NYSASBO requested $800 million in Foundation Aid and $75 million for Struggling Schools in the receivership program.)
  • $433.6 million GEA was fully eliminated (which NYSASBO requested)
  • Expense-based aids are funded at $342 million. (NYSASBO recommended full funding of these aids at an estimated $411 million.)
  • Does not do Parental Choice in Education tax credit
  • Does not pay Prior Year Aid Adjustments in full out of state settlement funds, as proposed by NYSASBO, the Regents and Education Conference Board.

Please note that GEA Restoration and GEA final payment both will be paid to school districts and fully eliminate the GEA.  The school aid runs contain a row for "Final GEA Payment" and another row for "Remaining GEA." All districts have a "Remaining GEA" of 0. Add "Final GEA Payment" to "Total" to find your actual total 2016-17 aid amount.

Explanations of 2016-17 State Aid Projections including Estimates of 2015-16 and 2016-17 State Aids Payable Under Section 3609 and Other Aids are now available here from NYSED’s State Aid office.

Foundation Aid is calculated as the sum of:

  • The 2015-16 Foundation Aid Base (FAB) plus
  • The Foundation Phase-in Increase, plus
  • 2016-17 Foundation Increase as computed for the 2016-17 Executive Budget on computer run BT1617, plus
  • Community Schools Aid on the executive computer run BT1617. 

The phase-in percentages used to calculate the Foundation Phase In Increase are:

  1. for the New York City School District, 7.784 percent;
  2. for the Buffalo City School District, 7.03 percent;
  3. for the Rochester City School District, 6.72 percent;
  4. for the Syracuse City School District, 9.55 percent;
  5. for the Yonkers City School District, 6.74 percent;
  6. for small city school districts with a Combined Wealth Ratio (CWR) less than 1.4, 9 percent;
  7. for urban-suburban high need/resource-capacity districts, 0.719 percent, provided that of these districts, those which are also small city school districts with CWR less than 1.4, phase-in factor (6) is added to phase-in factor (7);
  8. for rural high need/resource-capacity districts, 13.6 percent; and
  9. for all other eligible districts, 0.47 percent. 

The following table summarizes state totals included in the aid runs.

2016-17 Budget School Aid Totals (view as pdf)



Percent Change

Foundation Aid




Full Day K Conversion




Universal pre-kindergarten








Special Services




High Cost Excess Cost




Private Excess Cost




Harware & Technology




Software, Library, Textbook




Transportation incl Summer




Operating Reorg Incentive




Charter School Transitional




Academic Enhancement




High Tax Aid




Supplemental Pub Excess Cost




Gap Elimination Adjustment




GEA Restoration


Gap Elimination Adjustment






Building + Bldg Reorg Incent








$ Chg 16-17 Minus 15-16


Final GEA Payment (incl in Total)


Remaining GEA



The Budget rejected the Governor’s proposal to require 70 schools, which had improved their performance, to remain in the Receivership program.  They had recently been removed from the list by the State Education Department.

As NYSASBO learns more this information will be updated.



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