State Updates

State Budget Ends GEA

The state budget, which was agreed upon last week, ends Gap Elimination Adjustment. The school aid runs contain a row for "Final GEA Payment" and another row for "Remaining GEA." All districts have a "Remaining GEA" of 0. Add "Final GEA Payment" to "Total" to find your actual total 2016-17 aid amount. Read the Educational Conference Board (ECB) memo regarding GEA elimination here.

Free Webinar: Overview of the 2016 State Budget

Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

NYSASBO will present an overview of the 2016 state budget including aid projections and changes to state aid for school year 2016-17 as well as changes to education policy included within the State budget. Participants are invited to submit specific questions on the budget which NYSASBO will answer or address in subsequent updates on the state budget.

Presenter: Deborah Cunningham, NYSASBO Director of Education and Research

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