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Legislative Update

Governor Cuomo vetoed and signed a number of school-related bills over the last couple of weeks.  Below are brief descriptions of each bill.  

Vetoed Bills:

Collection of School Taxes (S.4723 Carlucci / A.4587 Jaffee) – This legislation removes the requirement that school districts have to seek permission from their local town receiver of taxes to collect their own taxes.  Veto Message.

BOCES Capital Project Exclusion (S.4283 Murphy / A.5965 Galef) – This legislation would include a school district’s share of a BOCES capital project in the district’s tax cap exclusion calculation. 
Veto Message.

PILOTs Inclusion in Tax Base Growth Factor (S.2122A O'Mara A.1841A Morelle) – This legislation would include PILOTs in the calculation of a school district's tax base growth factor.  Veto Message.

Establishment of Wards (S.6599 / A.0881A) – This legislation would permit union free and central school district boards of education to establish wards for the purpose of school board elections. Veto Message.

School Based Health Centers (S.6012 / A.7866) – This legislation would permanently exempt services provided by school-based health centers (SBHCs) from the requirement that they be delivered through a Medicaid managed care plan. Veto Message.

Physical Education (S.5752/A.2597) – This legislation would require school district compliance with physical education instruction requirements in elementary grades in public schools to be reported to the department of education. Veto Message.

Final Cost Report Penalties (S.6404-A/A.8062-A) – This legislation would change from six one-hundredths to five one-hundredths, the portion of a school districts’ general fund expenditures that a penalty for late final cost reports must exceed for such penalty to be recoverable. Veto Message.


Signed Bills:

Referrals to State Adult Service Agencies (S.1692/A.1036) - Relates to referrals to state adult service agencies for certain students with disabilities who have reached the age of 18.

Approved Evaluators Of Preschool Students (S.1694-A/A.982-A) - Establishes that all school districts are approved evaluators of preschool students suspected of having a disability.

Student Records (S.5273-A/A.2093-B) - Prohibits the alteration of a student's official records, files and/or data.

Health Services (S.2724-B/A.5151-B) - Authorizes schools to screen for childhood obesity as part of their health services.

Aid for Blind or Deaf Students (S.4831-A/A.6515-A) - Provides aid for blind or deaf students in relation to the purchase and use of supports for the education of students who are blind, deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing disabled or print disabled.

Students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia (S.6581/A.8262) - Directs the commissioner of education to issue a guidance memorandum to school districts and BOCES to inform them of the unique educational needs of students with dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.

Donations of Excess/Unused Food (S.5664-B/A.2409-B) - Authorizes the commissioner of education to establish guidelines providing for donation of excess, unused, edible food from school meals to food assistance programs.


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