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With only four days left in the 2018 Legislative Session, a number of bills are moving along in the legislative process that if passed, would be detrimental to public schools and taxpayers. This includes three contractor’s bills that would significantly impact the financial management and oversight of the capital project process.

The first bill (S.6686 Ranzenhofer/A.7954A Kim) would amend the state finance law to include a requirement that all contracts awarded by school districts for any public works project contain a clause that would allow the contractor to sue for additional costs attributable to unreasonable delays by the public owner.  

The second proposed legislation (S.4467 Amedore/A.358 Braunstein) would require full payment for delivered materials for public works projects and prohibit retaining payments due and owing to  a material supplier for a construction project. 

The third bill (S.5238 DeFrancisco/A.5344 Cusick) would require public owners, like school districts, to release retainage to subcontractors within sixty days of the substantial completion of work.  

ASBO encourages you to send letters to your legislators urging them to prevent the passage of these bills.  To access a pre-written letter in opposition to these bills and to contact your elected official, visit our Advocacy Center.  Please include the following sponsors of each bill in your letter:


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