NYSASBO conducted a webinar April 13 on the 2017 State Budget.  The webinar covered funds appropriated and changes to distribution for various categories of state aid to school districts and other changes affecting school finance and business management, including STAR, Worker's Compensation and partial payment of taxes.  School superintendents should be receiving backup runs on the school aid results of the State budget soon (the State Education Department mailed these last Thursday).  The backup runs are expected to include a variety of information supporting the public runs including detailed building aid data as well as community schools setaside amounts.  

New! 2017-18 State Budget and Legislative Update (Powerpoint) 4/28/17

2017 State Budget Webinar, 4/13/17

2017 Community School Set Aside

Comparison of School Aid Changes (NYSASBO's New Webtool)




Prior Year Budget Information

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