Speaker Resources

NYSASBO greatly appreciates that you are willing to share your valuable information with our members. If you are presenting at a NYSASBO event, these resources are intended to anticipate and address most or all of your logistical considerations. If you have any further questions or concerns, please direct your correspondence by email to Johanna Vining at johanna@nysasbo.org.

NYSASBO Conference Programming Proposal Form

Please use this form if you are interested in presenting at a NYSASBO event. All programming must be educational in nature with the potential for CPE or CTLE credit, as determined by the NYSASBO office. Presentations MAY NOT be sales related, specific to any particular company/organization, or disparaging to any other company/organization. Proposals submitted via this form will be reviewed by the NYSASBO office and by the appropriate planning committee. By submitting this form you agree to abide by NYSASBO's presentation rules, should your proposal be accepted.

NYSASBO Conference Programming Proposal Form

Presenter Guidelines

As a presenter you are a recognized expert on your particular topic. You are expected to demonstrate high ethical standards and assure that information and material presented are consistent with statute, Commissioner’s Regulations and Comptroller’s/or Commissioner’s Opinions/Decisions. The Presenter Guidelines document provides guidance to all presenters to ensure consistency in program material development and effective presentations.

Presenter Guidelines PDF

Travel & Reimbursement Guidelines

The NYSASBO Travel and Reimbursement Guidelines document provides information about the types of expenses covered under NYSASBO's reimbursement policies. If, after consulting this document, you remain unsure whether or not an expense is reimbursable please contact Johanna Vining at johanna@nysasabo.org.

NYSASBO Travel & Reimbursement Guidelines PDF

Reimbursement Request Form

Use the Reimbursement Request Form to file for reimbursement. NYSASBO does not provide reimbursement for expenses not claimed within 20 days following completion of the event.

Reimbursement Request Form

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