2017 Legislative Priorities

Current-Year Aid for New High-Cost Students with Disabilities (S.564 Young / A.7146 Abinanti) – This legislation would require the state to pay school districts state aid in the current year for new high-cost students with disabilities. (In Education Committee, In Education Committee)

Duplicative Fingerprinting of School Bus Drivers (S.1710 Marcellino / A.4530 Thiele)– This legislation would allow DMV to share fingerprints and background checks of prospective bus drivers with SED to avoid duplicative efforts upon request from a perspective employee. (Passed Senate, In Education Committee)

Chief Financial Officer Defined (S.4250 Seward / A.359 Paulin) – This legislation would define the chief financial officer of a school district to be the school business official. (In Education Committee, In Education Committee)

Shared Transportation Incentive (S.2404 Marcellino / A.7079 Thiele) – This legislation would provide an incentive for school districts to share and reduce costs for transportation of students attending educational program out of the district by reducing the state aid deduction for revenues received for this type of shared service. (In Finance Committee, In Education Committee)

Collection of School Taxes (S.4723 Carlucci / A.4587 Jaffee) – This legislation removes requirement that school districts have to seek permission from their local town receiver of taxes to collect their own taxes. (Passed Senate, Passed Assembly)

PILOT Assessments (S.4156 Marcellino / A.7211 Paulin) – This legislation relates to businesses that make payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs), establishing that any reduction in school taxes shall not take effect until the following tax year. (In Rules Committee, In Ways and Means Committee)

BOCES Workers Compensation Reserve Funds (S.515 Young / A.3823 Nolan) – This legislation authorizes BOCES to establish workers' compensation reserve funds. (Passed Senate, In Local Government Committee)

Building Aid Exception for Small Projects  (S.3970 Seward / A.3231 Thiele) -This bill would increase the threshold from $100,000 to $250,000 for school construction projects that are aided in full each year, and not required to be aided using the state's assumed amortization schedules. Schools are allowed one such project each year. (In Rules Committee, In Education Committee)

Internal Audit Function (S.3962 Seward / A.6566 Brindisi) –This bill would allow school districts to conduct a risk assessment of district operations every other year, instead of annually, while maintaining in-depth reviews of specific areas annually. (Passed Senate, In Education Committee)

Retirement Contribution Reserve Fund(S.4563 Golden / A.7353A Buchwald) – This bill authorizes school districts and BOCES to establish reserve funds for the purpose of contributions to the NYS Teachers’ Retirement System. (In Rules Committee, Passed Assembly)  


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