SBO Careers - Becoming a School Business Official

School Business Official 

[skool] [biz-nis] [uh-fish-uh l]

noun. School district business leaders are typically the chief financial officers of school districts and often manage a broad range of non-instructional functions, such as budgeting, accounting, facilities management, information technology, procurement, human resources (personnel) management, labor negotiations, food service and transportation. 

see also: School Business Administrator, School Business Manager/Executive, Assistant/Deputy/Associate Superintendent for Business/Finance, Director/Coordinator of Business Affairs/Finance/Operations

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Becoming an SBO

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School District Business Leader Professional Certificate

Civil Service

Certification from Start to Finish

 Attend a NYS SDBL CAS Program

Completion of a NYS Registered Program - School District Business Leader

There are multiple colleges across NYS that offer SDBL Professional Certification programs. Each has its own set of requirments. Click through for more detailed information about each program... 

New York State SDBL Programs


Prepare for the Test 

NYSASBO Study Guide

(March 2013)

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Requirements to Complete Certification (per

Workshop - Dignity For All Students Act

Fingerprint Clearance

Citizenship Status - INS Permanent Residence or U.S. Citizenship


 Take the SDBL Certification Exam

School Leadership Examination


New Registration & CTLE Requirements

Civil service job titles and examinations are based on your jurisdiction.

Prepare for the Test

NYSASBO Study Guide

(March 2013)

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